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Emirates of Hacan 


Racial Ability

Opening your Trade Contracts do not require approval during Trade Negotiations.

You do not need to spend a Command Counter to execute the Secondary Ability of the Trade Strategy. 

When adding Trade Goods on your Trade Agreements, you may place one additional on each.

During Status Phase, you may trade Action Cards with other players.

Your Trade Agreements may not be broken during the Status Phase.

Starting Techs

Enviro Compensator + Sarween Tools


Micro-Technology + Integrated Economy


General, Scientist, Diplomat

Starting Units

2 Carriers

4 GF

1 Cruiser 

2 Fighters

1 Space Dock

Trade Agreements


Home system

Arretze (2/0)

Hercant (1/1)

Kamdorn (0/1)


Wrath of Kenara (10 / 7×3 / 2 / 4): When this ship is present, up to two times each combat round, you may spend 1TG to reroll one of your dice.

Race Specific Technologies

Commerce Nexus (3): 

As an Action, you may spend one Command Counter from your Strategy Allocation area to gain 6 Trade Goods. You must then give 2 of your Trade Goods to one other player. 

Quantum Datahub Node (5):

At the end of the Strategy Phase, you may trade one of your Strategy Cards with a Strategy Card belonging to one of your trade partners. The other player does not need to agree to the trade.

Parallax Transaction Core (2): 

When researching Technology, you may ignore pre-requisites to any Technology advance held by a trade partner. At any time you may exhaust any planet to give its resource value as Trade Goods to an opponent.

Race Objectives

1VP Wheel of Civilization:

I now spend 8 Trade Goods

2VP From Sand to Gold:

I control 5 planets outside my Home Systems with resource values of 2 or more

3VP Interstellar Monopoly:

I control all Trade Stations.

I control an A- and a B- wormhole(if it exists).

I control Mercatol Rex.

I now spend 12 Trade Goods.